It is believed by Native and Old World cultures that the spirit of the Raven is strong, noble and wise - offering guidance with introspection, courage, self-knowledge, magic, healing, creation and rebirth. With the support of the Raven one can thrive amidst continual change and spiritual awakening along their journey.

The Raven here is depicted graphically within a traditional japanese textile motif suggesting a connection with various cultures from which the spiritual elements of classes taught are drawn. It's wings, breaching the perimeter of the design offer the promise of strength, freedom and creativity. Overall the graphic in combination with an organic textured background and soft colors presents an image of power within a peaceful state.

The logo is designed simply so it can be printed in various mediums in a variety of colors, so as to reflect the colors of the seven chakras. Cards printed below are printed via letterpress.

Yoga, mediation, and teacher training programs are held in this space. Classes are taught with an emphasis on kindness, strength and supportive healthy alignment.