My name is ROBIN HERCIA. I am a DESIGNER. I was born this way.

As an only child adopted into the ashes of hellfire (true story) I spent my years meticulously studying fabric and wallpaper patterns, moving furniture around my room and reading cloth-bound Charles Dickens novels alongside the Oxford Concise. I had a collection of Letraset type with which I made mutant hybrid letters that bore no meaning. My mother encouraged craft of all kinds and once I was old enough to have visitors other kids marveled at what I did to my room (*photo pending).

As an adult I’ve made a job of these things - here is some practical information: I majored in INTERIOR DESIGN. I was very young and confused so I went to school again and studied TEXTILE DESIGN. Then I worked in fashion for most of my 20’s (for a now defunct independent Canadian designer and for Betsey Johnson). I moved to New York to pursue my own creativity. I taught yoga to cleanse my existence and as it happens learn to communicate efficiently. In 2012 I moved to Los Angeles and studied GRAPHIC DEISIGN at UCLA.

I know a little about a lot of methods of printing and making. I had a screen printing studio for a few years. I was once a crochet wizardress.