AVAILABLE TO ALL - branding + poster design


The poster was designed for an exhibition of artists whose works are complimentary to or informed by the land. Rocks and sand are constants on the landscape and in the outdoor gallery setting they form the context in which the work is shown - akin to white gallery walls and plinths. 

The geographic setting of the show is represented visually with the use of rocks - the only identifiable visual element shown, and a sand texture overlaid to continue the ‘land’ theme. 

The dotted line (used as outline) is a graphic nod to the viewer experience of this outdoor gallery - wandering the 5 acre parcel of land on a rock-lined pathway. 

The works in the show are a balance of both hand created / assembled works (cast glass, carved wood assemblies) and technological-based pieces using light, machined metals and mirrors. This balance is reflected through the combination of hand-rendered title lettering and other hand drawn details with vector elements (type, pattern, date/time box).  

The entire design is a one color monochromatic risograph printed in two colorways – fuchsia and electric blue – which are representational of the title ‘Available to All’ and an homage to Pantones color(s) of the year from 2016. And as this is promotional material for an art show, it clearly had to be an art print, something more tactile – so I printed it on a Riso machine.